Ongoing Evergreen Content

With Drip


In order to keep your Drip subscribers “warm” to your name and brand, it’s critical that you send quality content on a routine, ongoing basis.

That can be difficult during times when you get too busy to publish new stuff all the time. That’s where an ongoing evergreen content workflow comes to the rescue!

The benefit of setting this is up is two-fold:

1) Like I said, when you get busy, your automation doesn’t! Great content continues to be sent to subcribers on an ongoing basis.

And 2) Your best content doesn’t get buried in the archives! You can continuously promote your best stuff to new subscribers who didn’t get a chance to see it back when it was newly published content.

In this guide, I’ll show you how I recommend you set up an ongoing evergreen content campaign to send out your best, hand-selected content to subscribers, while also ensuring you never send the same thing to someone twice.

Goals for this automation

  • Set up a “looping” trigger so people can continuously loop through this automation workflow
  • Set up an evergreen campaign of emails to promote your best pieces of content
  • Put checks in place to ensure you never send the same pieces to someone twice

Services used in this guide

  • Drip
    Similar alternatives:  ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit

Key points in the video:

  • 0:00 – What we’re going to build / Benefits of having an ongoing content workflow.
  • 1:15 – “looping” triggers for the automation
  • 2:15 – Pull people out of the automation if they’re currently being pitched on something
  • 3:00 – Send an evergreen sequence of best articles without double-sending to anyone
  • 6:00 – A best practice for (not) sending a campaign directly from within a workflow in Drip
  • 8:00 – Send other evergreen content
  • 10:00 – How people complete this workflow and loop back in