Pre-Launch Beta List Form + Survey

With ActiveCampaign, Gravity Forms, and Zapier

ActiveCampaign Pre-Launch Form + Survey


Planning on launching a new product or service?  You probably have a “Coming Soon” page.

Savvy founders know that you need to be collecting email addresses of people who are interested in being your first beta users. Even better? Gather some key pieces of information and research from those people using a survey.

In this guide, I’ll show you how I go about setting this up using ActiveCampaign, GravityForms and Zapier.

Goals for this automation

  • Build a list of people for the pre-launch beta list for a new product
  • Tag them accordingly
  • Ask them to fill out a survey for customer research
  • If they don’t fill out the survey, send them an email to remind them.

Services used in this guide

  • ActiveCampaign
    Similar alternatives:  Drip, ConvertKit
  • Gravity Forms
    Similar alternatives: Ninja Forms (WordPress), Typeform, WuFoo
  • Zapier

Key points in the video:

  • 0:00 – What we’re going to build
  • 1:50 – Create the coming soon form
  • 2:45 – Create the success page after the coming soon form is filled out
  • 3:50 – Create the survey form
  • 8:20 – Form confirmation settings
  • 10:25 – Embed the coming soon form on the coming soon page
  • 13:45 – Connect the survey form to ActiveCampaign using Zapier
  • 20:20 – Create the ActiveCampaign workflow