Automation Guides

A collection of video guides and ready-made marketing automation workflows you can use right now. The tutorials focus on ActiveCampaign and Drip, but can be easily adapted to any workflow-oriented tool.

What's wrong with marketing automation software?

The Drips. The ActiveCampaigns. The ConvertKits. The Zapiers. The Gravity Forms. And all the other business automation tools in between...

They're supposed to be powering marketing the marketing funnels everywhere. But for some reason, your accounts are still sitting idle, far from driving any meaningful results for your business.

Are these tools all hype? Not worth it?

You know that's not true. Marketing automation is here and it's advancing like crazy.

So why isn't your marketing automation up and running yet?

Support docs don't cut it.

Neither do the customer support reps. They mean well. But all they do is answer questions about how their features function.

They don't advise you on how you should be using them.

It's like you need a degree in systems engineering to actually get any real value out these automation tools.

Shouldn't it be easier to get your marketing automation workflows up and running? Your tagging strategy figured out? Your email sequences and forms integrations all working?

I think so.

The untapped potential of marketing automation

I figured out marketing automation the hard way. It took me years of trial and error, building and rebuilding, optimizing and refining my workflows before I was able to truly leverage automation tools in my business.

Today, the bulk of my revenue, audience growth, and operations is driven by my automation workflows.

Don't do what I did.

Don't guess your way through setting up automations and hope for the best.

Don't let your automation tools sit idle and miss out on their untapped potential.

Guides to get your marketing automation up and running by lunchtime.
(or happy hour)

I created this collection of Automation Guides to make it possible to get all of your essential automation workflows up and running right now (as in, by end of day today).

In these short, specific, opinionated, battle-tested, step-by-step video guides, I'm showing you exactly how I recommend you set up your automations. I'm providing ready-made templates you can import right into Drip, ActiveCampaign, Zapier and other tools. I'm providing code snippets and specifics.

Take them and use them as is. Build on them or adapt them to your business.

Ready? Let's go.

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Do I need my own accounts with Drip, ActiveCampaign or any other software shown in the guides?

Yes. You should open your own account(s) at the providers of the tools shown in the guides. is not affiliated in any way with the products shown in the guides.

What if I have questions or need extra guidance?

My detailed videos and ready-made templates are intended to be your starting point to get you up and running.

Questions related to using features in the software are best directed to the support teams for those softwares. They’re awesome, by the way! Just explain what you’re trying to do. They’re there to help!

Drip support
ActiveCampaign support
Zapier support
Gravity Forms support

Confused about something I showed in the videos? Shoot me an email and I’ll try and clarify.

If I don't use Drip or ActiveCampaign, can I still use these guides?

If your email marketing software has automation features like workflows, tags, and automation rules, then most, if not all, of what I show in these guides can translate to your tool of choice. Some tweaks to implementation may be necessary but the strategy would be the same.

However, most of the videos focus on implementing automations in Drip or ActiveCampaign. The importable templates will only work for Drip or ActiveCampaign.

Can I hire you to implement my automation for me?

When available, I offer a done-for-you automation consulting package where I will work with you to implement automations for you. Inquire about availability and rates here.

What if I decide it's not for me?

Just shoot me an email within 30 days of your purchase and I'll provide a full refund.

I have other questions

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